Pet Photography

When Boots does something cute, you want to capture it. When Hobbes the Dachshund goes on a playdate with Calvin the Weimaraner down the street, memories are made. When you bring home your adorable new puppy and introduce her to the family, that’s a moment worth remembering. These are the moments we love to capture at Luma Photography.

Watching your dog leap in the air to catch his favorite blue frisbee is one of your favorite parts of the day, and you always know exactly where to find your cat during a rainy day nap. These little things are what matter the most: the belly rubs, the cuddles, and the favorite pillows. These are the lifelong memories that we’re here to help you capture.

Whether you hope to document your pet in its natural goofiness or you want action shots from an intense game of fetch, you’ve come to the right place! From the local park to our cozy studio, we work with you and your pet to get the picture shot anywhere.

Working with Luma
As dog lovers, we understand just how connected and integrated our pets are within our families. We know that a good photoshoot means drooling tongues, cat scratches, and excited tackles. There’s nothing that gives us more joy than capturing the love and joy your pet brings you. From drooling faces to inquisitive looks, to soaking wet outings at the beach, let Luma Photography capture these precious pet moments.

We offer pet photography sessions in Orlando and throughout Central Florida. Let us come to you, or visit us in our custom, well-equipped studio in Oviedo. Give us a call at (407) 694-6835 for a pet photo session quote, or fill out our contact form here.