We are excited to announce just being listed in the top 7 pet photographers in Orlando by Peerspace!   The 7 Best Pet Photographers in Orlando  
We recently had the pleasure of once again working with Welly, the Instagram-famous English bulldog ( @beefywells ). Welly wasn’t the star this time, but his newborn pups were! Welly became a father recently to this litter of four puppies. And the cuteness is off the chart!   For those pawticular pet parents, let Orlando […]
Family photos are a tradition as old as the photograph itself. While the people in the photos may grow and change through the years, the bond that holds them together never will disappear. Don’t push off capturing the memories that will last a lifetime. Orlando Photographer, Luma Photography, has some reasons that may just motivate […]
“Stop running!” “Stay still!” “Be quiet!” These are all pretty great ways to ensure your Orlando family photography photoshoot is going to be a disaster. Photographing children takes patience, practice, and preparation — something Luma Photography knows very well. Whether you’re hiring a photographer or taking a few pictures on your phone, here’s how you […]
Each time you walk by the picture of Fido’s graduation day at doggie training camp; Each time you walk by the picture of your engagement announcement; Each time you walk by the picture of you doing yoga on the beach, you’re reminded of an old memory. From graduation to your dog’s day at the park, […]
That was fun! What happens next? There’s a process that goes into bringing the best out of the great photos taken during the shoot. Editing involves a lot of steps and processes that help a piece truly come to life in the best possible way. Here’s how it works. Selecting The Best Images Out of […]
When it comes to creating picture-perfect memories, it’s important that you and your photographer are on the same page. Take the time to ask a potential photographer about their style, experience, and portfolio. Luma Photography, an Orlando lifestyle photographer, can help you make sure your expectations are met. “What Are Your Prices?” Before you book […]
Whether it’s for half an hour or for half the day, a photo shoot requires careful planning and preparation. When it’s time for the big day, you want to make sure you’re ready. Luma Photography, your Orlando family photographer, has tips to make sure you’re prepared for your photo shoot. Communication is Key We like […]
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