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Each time you walk by the picture of Fido’s graduation day at doggie training camp; Each time you walk by the picture of your engagement announcement; Each time you walk by the picture of you doing yoga on the beach, you’re reminded of an old memory. From graduation to your dog’s day at the park, […]
Finding the perfect Orlando photographer is more than just a quick Google search. You need to take some time to ask yourself some questions: What are these pictures for? Are you looking to update your headshot or are you looking to capture memories? Do you envision dark or bright photos? When looking for a photographer, […]
Barclay meets you by the door every single day after work. If you’re late, he knows and greets you with an annoyed bark. Our pets are our lives, and capturing the moments you have together only makes sense. Luma Photography, an Orlando pet photographer, knows just how important it is to make these memories. But […]
That was fun! What happens next? There’s a process that goes into bringing the best out of the great photos taken during the shoot. Editing involves a lot of steps and processes that help a piece truly come to life in the best possible way. Here’s how it works. Selecting The Best Images Out of […]