My name is Aaron Faircloth. Welcome to Luma Photography.

Fifteen years into my career as a graphic artist working in a cubicle farm and lacking inspiration, I found myself suffering from a serious case of burnout. I was always one for adventures in nature such as surfing, fishing, biking, and hiking — taking photos and videos to capture those moments was always a priority. After an amazing trip to a tiny island in the Bahamas with my wife, I compiled footage and photos into a short vacation video, edited with transitions and music. I couldn't believe the reaction from friends and family who said it was professional quality. This was the kindling that sparked the idea to transition into my photography career. Initially, I found opportunities in real estate photography as a means to escape cubicle life and gain experience in the photography field. This led to taking photography classes, joining a photography club, and taking any opportunity to capture Florida's wildlife and landscapes through my lens. I quickly realized my passion for creative photography. On a trip to my hometown of Charleston, South Carolina, I happened to take a photo of a black lab jumping off a dock catching a tennis ball. This image perfectly captured the simple joy of being a dog, and I was hooked! From that moment, I've sought to capture and create inspiring photography for pets and people. I've always been drawn to light, especially a sunset or sunrise. To me, light represents happiness, fulfillment, rejuvenation, and positivity. From capturing the silly expression on a dog's face, drooling tongue included, to capturing the smiles of a family finding joy in simply being together, my goal is to convey this warm feeling, without words, through my photography. Through this light and warmth — luminosity if you will — Luma Photography was born. I hope it brings you light as well.