Say Cheese! Photographing Children

Posted on: July 1, 2019

“Stop running!” “Stay still!” “Be quiet!” These are all pretty great ways to ensure your Orlando family photography photoshoot is going to be a disaster. Photographing children takes patience, practice, and preparation — something Luma Photography knows very well. Whether you’re hiring a photographer or taking a few pictures on your phone, here’s how you can make sure you’re getting a great shot.

Work With Them, Not Against Them
You can’t make a child do what they don’t want to, so don’t try! Let them run the session. What seems like an obstacle can often be the key to a great picture. Talk to them on their level, and be careful to not talk down to them. Stay calm, have patience, and work with them. Throw out your expectations for perfectly poised photographs; they’re boring anyway! Your pictures will end up showcasing their personality, making for a truly personal photograph.

Be Patient
As with most photography, the perfect shot can take time. When it comes to photographing children, it can take even more. Be patient. Don’t rush or force them, and try not to get frustrated. Getting photographed can be uncomfortable; they most likely just need some time to relax. Keep snapping away, and be patient. The perfect shot is worth waiting for.

Be Ready
You never know when the perfect shot is going to happen, so keep your camera ready! Candid shots are hard to predict. Do what you can to make sure your settings are correct and be ready to move! Kids run around, and as their photographer, you will too.

Be Silly
Imagine being seven and having a stranger put a camera in your face. It can be an uncomfortable experience! Let loose, joke around, and do your best to make them comfortable. Once they’re relaxed, you’ll be able to capture happy eyes and genuine smiles.

Get On Their Level
Don’t spend the entire shoot towering over who you’re photographing. You don’t need to point the camera down at them in every shot. Get low to the ground, and see the world how they do.

When it comes to Orlando family photography, it’s important to make the child feel comfortable. This way you’ll be able to capture genuine expressions and gentle moments. At Luma Photography, we want your child’s personality to shine through in every photograph. Send us a message or give us a call at (407) 694-6835 to discuss a potential session.

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