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Posted on: June 24, 2019

You look at your dog, and they look at you. It seems like the perfect photo opportunity, but you can never quite get the right shot on your iPhone. Why not capture their essence with some professional photos? But professional pet photos are more than just scheduling an appointment. Orlando photographer, Luma Photography, can help you prepare for pet picture day!

Beware Of Dog
When scheduling the shoot, talk with the photographer about the temperament of your pet, and discuss any do’s and don’ts about how to interact with your animal friend. This ensures an easy photo shoot where both parties are comfortable. Not only will your pet be ready to go but so will the photographer!

Squeaky Clean
How would you get ready for a photoshoot? You would bathe, get a haircut, brush your hair, and get your nails done. Your pet is not any different! They need to go through the same check-list to make sure that they’re looking their best. Plan a trip to the groomers a few days beforehand.

Teach an Old Dog New Tricks
Does your pet know any commands? If they don’t, that’s okay! The first step is to have patience with your pup; they might be confused initially. Then follow the old cliche “practice makes perfect.” After preparing for the shoot, you’ll be rewarded with amazing photos (and your dog will learn a new trick or two!). Teach commands such as sit, stay, lay down, and come for the most effective photo-op. Use treats to help teach them the tricks.

Pack The Essentials
It’s important to keep your pet focused for the right shot. Bring their favorite toys, ball, and treats to help keep their attention during the shoot. Toys can help the photographer by drawing your pet’s eyes toward the camera lens to capture a perfectly posed photo. When taking photos outdoors, remember to bring water, a leash/collar, and waste bags. It can get hot in Florida or the park might require leashed dogs, so it’s best to always be prepared.   

Being Smart, But Also Sneaky
Pets love food as much as we do — maybe even more. A good tactic to prepare for a successful photo shoot is to feed your pet a lighter meal beforehand. This light meal causes them to focus more on treats. That means when a treat is directly behind the camera, it’ll be easier to keep their attention.

Being prepared for your pet’s photo shoot can be an easy task if you know what to do. With the right knowledge, it should be a walk in the park, before, during, and after the photoshoot. Orlando photographer, Luma Photography, wants you to have a seamless time capturing those precious moments of your furry friend. Contact us online, or give us a call at 407-694-6835 to get started on a pet photo session quote.

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