Behind the Camera: A Glimpse Of What Goes On After A Shoot

Posted on: April 22, 2019

That was fun! What happens next? There’s a process that goes into bringing the best out of the great photos taken during the shoot. Editing involves a lot of steps and processes that help a piece truly come to life in the best possible way. Here’s how it works.

Selecting The Best Images

Out of a hundred photos, only sixty or less might make the cut. The reason for this is that, typically, the same image is shot multiple times to make sure there are no focusing issues. From the pool of images, the best ones are selected for the editing process. The pictures that don’t make the cut usually get discarded, as they don’t meet the standard of the photographer.

The Perfect Crop
Where do your eyes go when you’re looking at a picture of a red apple against a wooden backdrop? Now, where do your eyes go when the apple is hidden away in the corner? It’s crucial that the main subject matter is positioned exactly where the eyes travel to first. Cropping a photo gets rid of all of the dead space that doesn’t contribute to the overall effect of the image. A careful mathematical, artistic process happens to figure out how to set up a picture so that the eyes travel around seamlessly.

Adjusting the Elements
The lens can only do so much justice for a picture. Special editing programs are required to pull out particular elements so that the overall image can appear clearer. Like applying a varnished coat to a wooden table, editing only highlights the beauty in what is captured. First, brightness and shadows are addressed; we ask ourselves what needs to be pushed back and what needs to be brought into the light? Second, we change the contrast; how boldly should variables in the image stand out against their backgrounds? Last but not least, we play with the hue; what colors need to be dulled and brightened to draw attention to them?

Personal Editing
Whether it’s covering up a scar or blending away a perceived imperfection, some personal touches can be done to morph the image. At the end of the day, the happiness of the client is what matters most, while also retaining the style of the photographer. Though this step isn’t necessary, it can be done in some cases to fit particular needs.

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