How Best To Prepare For a Shoot

Posted on: March 11, 2019

Whether it’s for half an hour or for half the day, a photo shoot requires careful planning and preparation. When it’s time for the big day, you want to make sure you’re ready. Luma Photography, your Orlando family photographer, has tips to make sure you’re prepared for your photo shoot.

Communication is Key
We like to start the process with a simple phone call. We want to get to know you, your expectations, and the types of photos you’re looking for! After getting on the same page, we’re ready to talk about possible locations and calendar dates.

Plan for the Little Things
Bring everything and anything you think you might need when attending a photo shoot. Think of important extras such as bobby pins,  hair ties, ora lint brush. Get a bag packed the night before so that you’re not in a frantic hurry come morning.

Prepare Outfits
Take time to pick out clothes that you feel comfortable as well as confident in. Avoid anything that’s too bright or that can collect hair and dust easily. If you’re unsure if you’ll need something, bring it anyway! We’re happy to share our knowledge of what works on camera so you can look and feel your best.

Don’t Starve Yourself
Fuel up before attending a photo shoot. Make sure to eat food that won’t stain, crumble, or bloat, and stay away from carbs and messy dishes like pasta, pizza, and chocolate. Opt for crackers, hard-boiled eggs, or a protein bar.

Get Groomed
Chipped nails, uncombed hair, and a stain on your shirt can all distract from your photo. In the days before the photoshoot, schedule yourself some “me time.” Spend time at the hair salon, get your nails painted, and whiten your teeth. Shave the morning of the shoot for a fresh, clean look.

Pose Perfection
Although we prepare for a variety of poses and locations, we encourage all of our clients to research their favorite poses. Don’t be afraid to scroll through Pinterest! What poses do you like? A photo shoot is meant to show off the best you, so make sure you’re comfortable in poses. Having said that, posing will not always be the best route. In fact, some of the best photos are not staged or posed at all!

When it comes time to take the perfect picture, you want to be prepared. Luma Photography, your go-to Orlando family photographer, will ensure  your photo shoot is an enjoyable, relaxing, and rewarding experience. Contact us at 407-694-6835 to discuss a potential session!

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