Rollins College Graduation Shoot | Senior Portraits

With a week or so left of the school year, senior photos and senior portraits are in full swing! Graduating from any level of school is monumental occasion. For the graduate, it marks the end of one stage of life and the beginning of a new, more promising one. For a parent, it’s simply one of those proud moments that we wish to capture forever.

high school graduate, senior photo, no more school

Senior portraits should never look like a school year book photo…with a nondescript blue background, indicative of nothing but a formal pose in front a tired photographer! Get your graduate outside and REALLY capture that occasion. Whether it’s high school or college, it’s usually a once in a lifetime event. Simply taking a photo with your phone will never give the moment, the justice it deserves.

confetti, graduation, senior photo

When I perform senior photo sessions, I take the time to research and find unique locations and creative ideas. I want our final photos to stand out. I want your family to display them with pride. And most of all I want you to remember this day.

Rollins graduate, senior portrait, cap and gown, winter park, aaron faircloth

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